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Dialysis Equipments

Our dialysis calibration services cover a range of equipment, including conductivity meters, pH meters, safety analyzer, multimeters and more.

Dialysis Equipments

Dialysis Equipment Calibration
  • Mesa 90XL Conductivity & Pressure & pH Meter

  • BC Biomedical Safety Analyzer SA-2005

  • Biotek 170 Safety Analyzer

  • Fluke 180 Safety Analyzer

  • NeTech LKG601 Safety Analyzer

  • Safety Analyzers from all the manufacturers

  • Digital Multimeters from all the manufacturers

  • Digital Pressure meter from all the manufacturers

  • Conductivity Meter from all the manufacturers

Notes : We calibrate other devices from different manufactures not shown above.

To ensure accuracy, kindly contact us to verify the manufacturer and model number as we do not calibrate all types of aviation equipment.

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