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Avionics Engineering

Aviation Equipments

We provide calibration services for a wide range of aviation equipment, including Torque Tools, Force Measurements / Aircraft Weighing Scale, Fuel Quantity Test Set, Turbine Tester, Pressure Gauges and more. 

General Measurement Tools

  • Protractors

  • Gage Blocks

  • Angle Gage Blocks

  • Ring Gages

  • Height Gages

  • Sine Bars

  • Calipers

  • Micrometers

  • Dial & Test Indicators

Force Measurements / Aircraft Weighing Scale

  • Cable Tensiometers

  • Spring Scales

  • Force Gauges

  • Load Cells

  • Aircraft Scales

force measurements.png

Torque Tools

torque tools.png
  • Torque Wrenchs

  • Torque Meters

  • Torque Screwdrivers

  • Torque Multipliers

Fuel Quantity Test Set

  • Fuel Quantity Test Set

fuel quantity test set.png

Turbine Tester

turbine tester.png
  • Turbine Temperature Indicator

General Test Equipments

  • Megohmmeter

  • Oscilloscopes

  • Distortion Meters

  • Spectrum Analyzers

  • Synthesized Signal Generators

  • Pulse and Function Generators

  • Digital Multimeters

  • Ultrasonic Beacon Test Sets

  • Insulation Testers

  • AC and DC Power Supply

general test equipments.png

Pressure Gauges

pressure gauge.png
  • Tire / Pressure Gauges

  • Manifold Pressure Gauges

  • Vaccume Gauges

Synchro / Resolver Indicator

  • Synchro / Resolver In

  • Resolver & Synchro Simulator and Bridge

synchro resolver indicator.png

To ensure accuracy, kindly contact us to verify the manufacturer and model number as we do not calibrate all types of aviation equipment.

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